What To Do When In A Car Accident

//What To Do When In A Car Accident
Car Accidents

Many of us have already encountered the horror of a car accident. Sadly, the reality here is that at least once in a lifetime, we will all be involved some form of a car accident. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are at fault. You could be the most cautious driver and have someone smash into you. In order to protect yourself, do you know the proper procedures to take when being involved in a fender bender on the road?

Steps You Need To Follow

For those of you that haven’t had to deal with the aftermath of a car accident, we have complied vital information to ensure that you know how to protect yourself.
Firstly, it is of the utmost importance that each detail is documented.
Most important steps you should follow:
– Never leave the scene of the accident
– Check on the other driver and passengers
– Exchange insurance information, drivers licence information and contact details
– Report the incident to law enforcement or emergency services within 24 hours
By not doing the above, it could be seen as criminal.

Car accident reports

People often do not report minor accidents. However, it is important to do so, even if you feel it isn’t necessary. After being involved in a car accident, you must report it to an emergency service. This will cover you for questions that will need answered for insurance purposes. Another reason for reporting an accident is to cover you against fraud. Are the insurance details from the other party correct and updated? Does the other person have a warrant of arrest? It has been seen that a trend of carrying fraudulent insurance cards has occurred in recent times. You also need to have proof that this car accident actually occurred.

Things to remember

1. Keep calm – Getting aggressive won’t help the situation. Getting aggressive could be highly detrimental to your case.
2. Document everything – Ensure everything is documented. Cover areas such as: Street name, What direction you were you driving in?, What were you doing before the accident occurred? When did the other car enter the picture? This is specifically for law enforcement and insurance purposes. Insurance needs a detailed account of the occurrence and of the car wreck to assess all damages incurred.
3. Remember to take as many pictures as possible and look out for any witnesses.
4. Remember to repair any damage incurred to your vehicle as soon as possible. Find a reputable panel beater and don’t allow something small to turn into a bigger problem.

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