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Five reasons why insurance claims are rejected

Not knowing exactly what you’re covered for could cost you. Here are 5 reasons why your motor insurance claim could be rejected: 1 – Make sure your insurance covers every person who regularly drives your car and that they have a driving

What is relevant in our insurance partners minds?

This article from RiskSA With increases looming, will insurers’ ability to absorb costs pay off in the long run? “Your clients may be found wanting as the replacement costs on imported cars and parts are ready to skyrocket due to the weakened rand. The

Choosing a reputable panel beater first time

Make your first choice of panel beater the right choice. Fender benders, scratches, chips and dents are minor car damages that should be repaired as soon as possible. If these mishaps are left for some time, car owners run the risk

What To Do When In A Car Accident

Car Accidents Many of us have already encountered the horror of a car accident. Sadly, the reality here is that at least once in a lifetime, we will all be involved some form of a car accident. It doesn’t necessarily mean

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