Customer acquisition and retention
RADS offering

RADS gives you as an insurer, customer acquisition and retention through the use of our dedicated and free of charge EP insurance management system. Auto Magic has been in the industry for over 19 years and understand the complexities of managing client claims and their service expectations.

Leading insurance companies recognise that through offering superior service to their customer base they are enabled to stay ahead of the curve. Your clients are better connected and expect a real time service to match their demanding lifestyles and Auto Magic knows that you need a trusted partner of choice that is able to match their expectations.

With our national footprint and expertise in insurance claims you are afforded the opportunity to take control during the claims process offering your clients peace of mind, while meeting your insurance standards of excellence.

Our insurance claim system

You can log onto our EP insurance claims system and have full control of the entire car insurance claims process.

Auto Magic created the EP software for insurance companies as the ultimate tool to manage the end-to-end process. It is the market leading insurance CRM software which measures quality and service, to keep you ahead of the game.

This cloud based service allows anytime access to:

  • Unique ID tracking
  • Full conversation tracking (client and franchisee)
  • File storage
  • Bulk assessment uploads
  • Perform quick search
  • Download PDFs (individuals dealing with claim)
  • Arrange claims via type and urgency
  • Stay in contact with clients via SMS
  • Manage queries and complaints



Throughout the auto insurance claims process you will benefit from CRM whereby you can process insurance claims.

Join the trusted insurance industry partner where quality and service are our measurement, grow your market presence and stand out from your competitors through confidence in South Africa’s unique EP insurance industry software. Effective customer service supported by the best technicians and artisans is just one of the benefits you will receive using our software:

  • No charge assessments with nationally managed average repair costs
  • Endorsed by Sambra, RMI, FASA and the Motor Industry Ombudsman
  • Manufacturer approvals include Hyundai, Opel, Chev, Renault, Mazda

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