Software for insurance agents and brokers in the eco age

//Software for insurance agents and brokers in the eco age
Building trust: Software for insurance agents and brokers

With the buzz of #EcoMobility on everyone’s lips and the age of insurance disruption software for insurance agents and brokers is set to propel the motoring insurance market to a whole new level.
Strict laws and regulations being fostered in motoring industry to reduce road fatalities as well as carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere means that technology has come at the right time.
It is evident with the recent disruptors in the motoring industry, such as Uber and the recent #EcoMobility project in the richest square mile of Africa, that the market is becoming saturated and this has lead insurance brokers and agents to look to innovation that is needed to benefit all stakeholders (car manufacturers, dealers and insurance brokers alike).
We have a look at how brokers can be more effective and stay on trend and in business by becoming market innovator and leaders with the right technology.

Brokerage Disruption: intelligent claims software

With #EcoMobility rocking South Africa, brokers must look to invest in intelligent claims software to stay ahead of the insurance market ensuring that they are ahead of the curve as well as their competitors.
The market has now begun to shrink and competition is rife, only the early adopters of clever technology will survive the savvy driver.
When there isn’t a comprehensive car insurance claim procedure, there is not only risk to all parties but there is also a high level of frustration, meaning that if you are not able to answer in real-time with real-results your client will go elsewhere.
Car insurance brokers need to have an understanding to be enabled provide forward thinking business solutions in the modern tech and eco age.
Investing in your clients and business means that you need to look to a developed solution which speaks specifically to your business objectives and service goals, an electronic platform that offers you convenience and works with your business processes.
When looking to a cloud based insurance solution to assist with your service to client these are the top 6 must have functionalities which are a no brainer when it comes to broker client information:

Unique ID tracking for managing all queries and complaints
Full conversation tracking to keep abreast of every client interaction
SMS facility to connect with clients and keep them updated during the process
Quick search to find details in under a second
File storage with the ability to process bulk uploads and download PDF’s
Stay on top of all claims through the ability to arrange claims via type and urgency
Tough times: Imagine a world where price doesn’t matter
With the economic slump, motorists are considering viable options to save on their lifestyle activities such as commuting to work or other leisure activities. Also, shopping for inexpensive vehicles and insurance cover is inevitable. As a broker, you are the go-to source for advice.
Tech disruptors such as Uber (sporting 50million rides globally per day, their main competitor in China sports 300 million rides per day) and Google’s self-driving car (reported to be the safest car on the road with no accidents other than a “real” driver driving into the Google car!) are providing the convenience of getting around easily and safely regardless of whether they can drive or not.
This means less drivers, less car accidents and drastically reduced market share for the car insurance market.
Time and money is of the essence for your clients and with tech innovations such as the aforementioned, mean having to offer both your existing and potential clients an option that is viable both financially and in terms of safety. By lagging behind you will lose out on market share.
Technology has enabled car insurance brokers to be more dynamic in their business processes to ensure efficiency. The use of technology in your motor insurance claims process allows you to maximise service output and affords brokers the opportunity to:

Access real time information during the insurance claim procedure
Log in to cloud-based insurance claims software 24/7 and ensure a seamless services
Building trust: Software for insurance agents and brokers
Driving is not a right but a privilege. Your clients entrust you to take care of find the best car insurance cover so they can fully enjoy their driving privileges be it; commuting to work, fetching the kids, travelling long trips, going to meetings or whatever else their motor vehicle enables them to do.

Your reputation is solely based in your ability to meet these client’s expectations.
Making a car insurance claim can be stressful for car owners and as expected, your role as a broker is to ensure hassle free claims.

Failing to do so will result in lost business and negative word-of-mouth advertising. By adopting cutting-edge technology you have a peace of mind knowing you can provide best service in real time and eliminate the risks that come with an unsuccessful car insurance claim.

For a driver who has to call in “claiming for car accident” customer experience is of utmost importance and a bad encounter with a broker is most likely to send away business.

Technological advancement affords you the broker the ability in delivery of a hassle and pain free experiences for your clients, enabling you to help your clients during stressful times.

The Auto Magic EP System enables you to provide clients with a seamless car accident claims process and keeps you ahead of competitors in the car insurance market. Furthermore, you benefit from keeping your clients happy and client-broker relationship nurtured.
You need to be mindful of these top 4 risks which can hinder your ability to perform effectively and efficiently:

Seasonal patterns of road fatalities per province in comparison with previous seasons to devise contingency plans
Legal and political developments which can hinder or impose strict regulations for the motoring industry
Economic fluctuation can have a negative impact on clients’ lifestyle choices
Technological advancement can enable easier barriers to entry into the car brokerage industry
The world is shifting to everything cloud-based, which affords your business the opportunity to:
Offer intelligent claims solutions on a 360º scale
Be efficient in terms of your daily operational costs
Manage time effectively in order to assist more clients
By making use of our claims processing software your business will be able to provide intelligent automation and the best in industry Client Relationship Management (CRM) for your client journey.
Additionally, the car insurance claim process will be seamless, saving your clients time from their busy daily schedules ensuring they advertise your broker expertise and service to friends and family and they may even squeeze in a Tweet during that happy minute about how amazing your service is.
As a broker, all you need to do to ensure your business success is to sign-up to our dedicated and free EP insurance management system allowing you to take control during the claims process, with real-time access, at any time of the day or night, vital claims information offering your clients’ peace of mind while meeting your insurance standards of excellence.
As a broker, your objective is to offer your client the best service in their time of need and all this can be accomplished through a user friendly dashboard with various user authentication roles. Putting you and your client’s front of mind.
With years of expertise in the automotive industry, we understand the complexities of managing client claims and their service expectations. As a result, we have developed an insurance software product to help you effectively manage clients’ claims and provide top services in your field.
As an insurer you can benefit from customer acquisition and retention through use of our dedicated and free EP insurance management system. AUTO MAGIC® have been in the industry for over a decade and we understand the complexities of managing client claims and their service expectations.
Leading insurance companies recognise that through offering superior service to their customer base they are enabled to stay ahead of the curb. Your customers are better connected and expect a real time service to match their demanding lifestyles and AUTO MAGIC® knows that you need a trusted partner of choice.
How will you benefit from using our insurance software product?
The 2 main benefits that you will immediately be able to take advantage of are:

Retain existing clients through effective and cost-saving services
Client Acquisition through word-of-mouth as a result of the wonderful services you provide to clients
Utilising cutting-edge technology ensures that you stand a great chance to gaining insights on behaviour in relation to your area of expertise as well as allowing you the opportunity to be proactive in solving motorists’ regular car issues. Furthermore, insights gained from using tech can empower you to innovate in your market.
Join the trusted insurance industry partner by contacting eMail, where quality and service are our measurement. Grow your market presence and stand out from your competitors through confidence in South Africa’s unique EP insurance industry software.
Our claims management software programme is endorsed by Sambra, RMI, FASA and the Motor industry Ombudsman.