Interested in owning a franchise?
Discipline and a focus on quality

Auto Magic is a Franchisor with an extensive network of Franchisees located nationally. Focus is on maximising opportunities with aspiring Entrepreneurs wanting to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. We prefer owner-managed Franchises with strong operational and administrative ability.

Each Franchisee will be required to have experienced staff, as we firmly believe your business is only as strong as your team. The Franchisee, an administrative and operational team run each outlet and staff are selected by the Franchisee, with support from the Franchisor.

The discipline, with focus on quality and service required by the Franchisor must be part of the Franchisee’s business acumen, as Customer Care is part of Auto Magics’ DNA.

Who is the ideal Franchisee?

Here is an outline of the ideal profile of a Franchisee:

ambition Ambition

The Franchisee must be a person wanting to be a successful businessperson, who understands that it takes hard work, long hours and dedication to achieve success.

commitment Commitment

The Franchisee must be willing and able to be guided by the Franchise system and be committed to work within the system.

capital Capital

The Franchisee must not be over indebted and must have at least 40% (± R1.4M) of their own, unencumbered capital contribution.

Begin your application

Should you wish to apply, please contact Charlene using the link below and we will be in touch.

If you would prefer talking directly to
customer service at Auto Magic call  0860 11 88 00

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