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Specifically designed for your industry
Offer your clients the best service

As a broker your objective is to offer your clients the best service in their time of need. At Auto Magic we enable you to offer a personalised and focused service through our claims management software (RADS – Repair : Assessment & Distribution) specifically designed for your industry with internal and independent measurement.

This free service will enable you to, in real time, manage the entire claims process from your desk while keeping your clients happy with up to date relevant information.

You are able to provide excellent service to your clients while saving you money, time and stress, giving you full control throughout the insurance claims process and offering insurance tracking services through our insurance broker management system (RADS : Repair, Assessment and Distribution).

24/7 Access

This cloud based service allows anytime access to:

  1. Full dashboard for overview
  2. Manage Queries and Complaints
  3. Unique ID tracking
  4. Full Conversation tracking (client and franchisee)
  5. File storage
  6. Bulk assessment uploads
  7. Perform quick search
  8. Download PDF’s (individuals dealing with claim)
  9. Stay in contact with clients via SMS
The tracking interface

Through the use of the Auto Magic EP insurance broker management system you will not only manage your client claims more effectively but also build your client satisfaction, retention and grow your market presence.

Take advantage of competitive pricing, qualified technicians, no charge assessments, centralised billing and our trusted Auto Magic brand with quality insurance partner relationships.

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