BEE Auto Glass Structure

//BEE Auto Glass Structure

Regulatory requirements promulgated by Department of Trade and Industry and the B-BEEE Act, has meant the previous legacy of selecting suppliers has been revisited. The guidelines provide a framework of transformation which focuses on productive B-BEEE and the growth of black entrepreneurs through Enterprise and Supplier Development elements.

BEE Auto Glass, in the spirit of transformation, is a Non-Profit Company.  The shareholding of the owner / fitter / drivers will ensure 100% B-BEEE ownership through the distribution of shares on a sliding scale in accordance with the number of operators trading at any point in time. This translates to a B-BEEE score of 135%; or Level 1 Contributor,  and the benefits are then cascaded to participating insurers and brokers.

Contact details

Tel: 0861 233 452 / 0861 BEE GLASS

Postal: P O Box 70, Benoni, 1500

Physical: 13 Lakeview Crescent, Benoni, 1501