You can feel at ease

//You can feel at ease

I bet, when leaving your vehicle in the hands of an Auto Body Repair facility, you not only leave firmly holding your thumbs and hoping for the best, but you have little or NO idea of what goes on between that time and the time you receive your beloved ‘wheels’ back! At Auto Magic we are not into cloak and dagger.

We’d prefer you to have a ‘window’ into our workshops and insight into the panel repair process so that the next time your vehicle comes into one of our Franchise facilities you can feel a little more at ease. Auto Body Repairs, whilst not rocket science, require the application of knowledgeable and experienced technicians as well the use of trusted products to ensure a final product that matches your expectation: an excellent repair finish.

Our Auto Body Repair Process starts off with a thorough assessment of the damage to your vehicle. This gets submitted to your Insurer for scrutiny, after which they will authorize Auto Magic to continue with the repair, and advise us of the excess you will need to pay to them. Upon collection of your vehicle, we will then collect the excess from you on your insurer’s behalf. When you drop off your vehicle for the repair, we check your vehicle thoroughly and take a full set of check-in photographs to ensure we don’t have to argue afterward about “that scratch that was not there when I brought it in”. We also record mileage and other details to safeguard you as our client. At check in our Franchisee’ customer liaison officer will provide you with an estimated time of completion.

Our ability to complete your repair by the estimated date is dependent on prompt PART DELIVERY from your manufacturer’ representative dealer. Either way we will maintain constant contact, advising you of the progress of your repairs. The repair process begins with the installation of seat, steering wheel and floor covers after which the damaged area is stripped to establish if there are any hidden damages that were not visible at the time of the assessment. If we find any we need to advise your Insurer so that they can authorize these ADDITIONALS. Once we have their go ahead we will order any outstanding parts and begin the surface preparation process. These processes differ depending on whether we are repairing the panel or replacing it with a supplied part.

Suffice it to say that Auto Magic and its Insurer business partners will not put an inferior part on your vehicle. We will search until we find a part that fits well and is cost effective. (After all repair costs determine your premium, so keeping costs low, especially on exterior panel parts that play no functional role in your safety, is of utmost importance to us.)